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27 Maggio 2013 alle 01:52

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15 Gennaio 2015 alle 19:45


La Pentolaccia

il 15 Gennaio 2015 alle 19:49
Nice surprise
On our way back home from Siena we decided to stop in Montepulciano. That was the only one open restaurant in that evening but the food was excellent!!!

panna cotta con ciocolatoPici con cinghiale
Taverna I Miserabili

il 10 Gennaio 2015 alle 23:43
Niente di speciale // nothing special
We were there for a dinner at the end of the year. After good recommandation we expected something very good, in fact it wasn't anything so special to remember or to come back there.

dolceeggs with cheese and trufle flavorinvoltini di salmone con ricottainside

il 10 Gennaio 2015 alle 23:18
Historical place
One of the historical caffes of Torino on one of the main squares of the city where you can feel like in old times, drink hot chocolate or bicerin and eat great tramezzini which btw were invented here!

Bicerinhot chocolateinsideentrance

il 10 Gennaio 2015 alle 23:13
Prima volta a Torino!
Prima volta a Torino, prima sera a Torino e' prima cena a Torino. Tutto molto buono, ottima cucina piemontese, piatti tipici della zona. Posto piccolo, carino dove mangiano cittadini. Locale non turistico.

Parco del Clitunno

il 23 Novembre 2014 alle 02:05
Good fishes
Very good restaurant where you can eat tasty fishes from the sea and from rivers or lakes and drink some good wine. Not too expensive. You can also fishing there as it's part of Fonti del Clitunno.


il 16 Novembre 2014 alle 00:36
Good place to have aperitivo. Everything served fast in nice way, food and wine very good. They have also small store where you can buy some local products.

La Taverna

il 11 Novembre 2014 alle 17:11
Small restaurant on the main square of Sirolo. Good fishes and wines but portions definitely too small comparing to prices.

antipasto caldoantipasto freddo

il 11 Novembre 2014 alle 17:07
Nothing special
My first time in this part of Italy so we wanted to try food and beer from here. I didn't like food - just not my type, beer typical light german, very fast and good service. In plus - you can buy glasses as a souvenir.

Il Cenacolo

il 11 Novembre 2014 alle 17:00
Mini restaurant with just 4 tables and kitchen in the same room. Delicious typical food (everything from km 0) and good vines. Funny and home atmosphere.

San Lorenzo

il 02 Marzo 2014 alle 18:33
Restaurant of a hotel. Very elegant restaurant but not too expensive, Food was good, they have many dishes with fishes.

dolceravioli con funghi

il 30 Dicembre 2013 alle 22:13
In this restaurant you can be sure that you will be treated as a king! Staff and owners will give all their best that you feel good. Food is just incredible tasty and good wines. Prices not high. For sure I want to come back there!

Osteria del Podestà

il 30 Dicembre 2013 alle 21:54
Fishes from Sicilcia in Umbria!
Very good place if you want to eat some tasty fishes in many ways. Very nice atmosphere and friendly staff.

pasta with frutti di marecozzeantipasto di mare
Taverna dei Consoli

il 06 Dicembre 2013 alle 00:03
good place
Nice restaurant in center of Assisi with terrace on Piazza del Comune. Also not so expensive. Good pasta and desserts.

dolcestrangozzi cacio e pepestrangozzi with mushrooms
La Gargotta

il 05 Dicembre 2013 alle 23:50
good place
Nice pub which is always fool of people. Good food and beers.

hot doghamburgerbirrafajitas with chicken
Emporio del Gusto

il 05 Dicembre 2013 alle 23:38
world of the beers
Very small pub in the center of Foligno with many, many, many and more beers. Good food and friendly and funny staff which will find for you the best beers.


il 26 Novembre 2013 alle 03:23
good place
I was there for San Martino with friends and boyfriend. They had special menu for this day. Everything was very good.

castagne & vino novellotagliatamixed meat covered with bread for pizza!polentaantipasto
Chateau de Pep

il 26 Novembre 2013 alle 02:39
Very lovely place with beautiful interior. A little bit outside of center of city. Food excellent and staff friendly, competent and fast. For sure I want to come back there.

outsidefrom outsidedessertravioli with truffles
La Fraschetta

il 10 Novembre 2013 alle 23:41
Sunday lunch
Osteria is located in center of the center of Castel Gandolfo, few seconds from main piazza. You can try there typical food from Castelli Romani like carbonara or pasta cacio e pepe. Food was good, staff nice and oste funny.

torta al cioccolatotorta al limoncellopasta cacio e pepecarbonarahosteria
Zi Adele

il 10 Novembre 2013 alle 21:59
Back in time
As my boyfriend told me, this restaurant looks like restaurants 30 years ago when he was small. It was nice to see piece of italian history ;) We went there a little bit late but staff was nice and let us eat without problems. Food was excellent, simple but very tasty. One weak point is location a little bit outside center of old town of Cascia.

dolcelenticchie con salsicciafettuccine al profumo di boscobruschetta
Pizzeria San Pietro

il 22 Ottobre 2013 alle 00:23
Buona pizza
They have very good pizza in very cheap prices. Often when I'm going there with my boyfriend is full! In summer you can eat outside.

Lu Soccio

il 21 Ottobre 2013 alle 13:04
Castelluccio is famous for lenticchie and I have to say I ate very good ones in this place. I had zuppa di lenticchie and my boyfriend lenticchie con salsiccia. Portions were really big. Bruscchette with olive oil and garlic as a side dish. Simple food but very tasty. Everything made by owners.

In that osteria you can also buy lenticchie, beans, legumi etc from their own agriturismo.

lenticchie con salsicciazuppa di lenticchiabruscchette con oil oliveinsideinsideosteria
La Greppia

il 01 Ottobre 2013 alle 01:44
che mangiata!
I was there twice and everytime food was excellent! I recommend antipasto di mare which contains many dishes with frutti di mare! Good dolci and wines.

dolceantipasti di mareantipasti di mareantipasti di mare
Chalet Et'nà

il 01 Ottobre 2013 alle 01:35
good place
In bar you can get fresh and tasty panini and in restaurant you can eat very good dishes with frutti di mare in incredible cheap price. Everytime when we are in city we are going there to relax.

Osteria alla staffa

il 21 Settembre 2013 alle 01:19
Worth to try
In this place I had so far my best spaghetti con cozze ever!!! From that lunch I compare every this kind of dish and I didn't find so good as there. Also very good desserts! Place is in one of these small streets of Venice, more away from touristic streets so you can be sure that food will be prepared in better way than from touristic menu ;) Wish to come back there

dolcefrutti di marespaghetti con cozze

il 17 Settembre 2013 alle 15:58
Stasera me te magno!
"Tonight I will eat you"! So I ate! And I have to say everything was very good! I took antipasto "me te magno" which contained bruschette, mozzarella in carozza, frittata con tartufi, ham and colatella. Then dessert - tortino al cocco. They also have craft beers and beers in bottles. Location in center of Foligno is just perfect and staff nice and competent.

interiordolcele birretagliataantipastoantipastoMe te magno!
Black Barley's

il 05 Settembre 2013 alle 19:56
Nice surprise
Another positive surprise in Calabria! They have good food and many craft beers. Everytime we are in Calabria this is one place where we go always.

big wurstelpaninohot dogfisn 'n' chipsbirrebirra
Sherwood Park Tavern

il 05 Settembre 2013 alle 19:19
Nice place
It was my first visit there and everything was veery good. Starting from beer, food and ending on all design. Interior in wooden style what I like a lot. Many good beers, food tasty and prepared quick, friendly staff...and something very wi-fi :P

porca vaccainteriorbirrepatatine frittechicken nuggets
Trattoria del Quarto

il 06 Luglio 2013 alle 03:10
Very good!!!
As you know Umbria doesn't have access to sea so even bigger surprise it's this place where they serve very good fish food. I always take mixed antipasto which contains many dishes of fishes made in many ways.

cozze&gamberismall octopuscozzecozze&vongoleantipasto
La Sgrinfia

il 06 Luglio 2013 alle 02:52
Just ok
We wanted to try new place with my boyfriend so we decided to go there and...for sure I will not come back there. Food was ok but nothing more I can't say, there wasn't anything so special to remember this place and also the price was too high comparing to what we ate. We came, we tried, we won't come back.

pasta with gamberi di fiumepasta with truflesantipasto
Vecchio Camino

il 20 Giugno 2013 alle 23:05
Good food, especially antipasto of osteria. Very fast and friendly staff. I would like to come back there to try other things.

meatantipasto of osteriadolceantipasto
Due Querce

il 07 Giugno 2013 alle 19:08
Very good!
I'm going to this place only to eat antipasto. It's a biiiig antipasto after which you don't have space for anything else. And what a taste! What a flavors!!

pasta pasta antipastoantipastodolcepasta with truflesantipasto
Osteria del Pievano

il 07 Giugno 2013 alle 19:06
They have typical umbrian dishes prepared in good way. I can't say it was something so special that I would like to come back there. Also expectation time for food was quite long and only one waiter for about 20 persons.

mixed meatpasta pasta antipasto
La Bizantina

il 05 Giugno 2013 alle 01:15
In Rossano you don't have good places to eat honestly so this place is really a good surprise. They have good, tasty food, especially big antipasto with many dishes which I take everytime I'm there.

La Lanterna

il 04 Giugno 2013 alle 22:19
Very good
If you are in Spoleto and looking for typical local foos this place is very good. Menu is not so big but you will find really typical dishes from Umbria. Prices are not high and location in the center of the city is just perfect.


il 04 Giugno 2013 alle 22:13
Very good fishes
I was there once but I can say it was a good choice. If you want to eat excellent fishes prepared in many ways go there. You can expect many kinds of pasta with fishes or mixed dishes. From the windows you have view at the sea, there is also free wi-fi.

mixed fishespranzo
Angels' House

il 04 Giugno 2013 alle 18:34
Bravi Napoletani!
This pub is run by sister and two brothers from Napoli. They have many craft beers not only from Italy but also from Belgium and others countries. Food is very good, staff always friendly and helpful. Location is quite in the center of Spoleto.

Osteria del Tempo Perso

il 27 Maggio 2013 alle 02:55
Che cibo! che atmosfera!
If you will come here for the first time, you can be sure you will remember this visit for a long time. Food is just excellent! Antipasti, primi and secondi!! Mamma mia it's heaven in your mouth!...and dolci. Dolci are, dolci's really hard to describe how good they are :D Everything made there by great chef. If you speak about osteria you can't forget about Oste. The boss. In this place oste is very funny and friendly person. He will take care of you in every detail: if you want something more, if you need more wine, he will help you to drink wine, he will even sing karaoke with you! When you will enter this place, you will waste a loooot of time but wasting time in this way is not a sin!!!!

salame del retortino al ciocolato con gelatodolcemaialatastrangozzi con tartufoantipastoantipastoantipasto

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